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Balsamic Reduction - Gooseberry - Cape Treasures

Balsamic Reduction - Gooseberry - Cape Treasures

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Cape Gooseberry (Physalis) is the taste of late Summer or early Autumn. Its lightly tropical and dryly sweet with a nuance of autumn leaves and an edge of crisp tartness.

Pan fry some chunks of sweet potato until they're coloured on the outside and just tender on the inside - add some petals of red onion and a sprinkling of salt, ginger, some fennel seeds and a pinch of ground chilli - fry on a lower heat until the petals are just cooked. Remove the vegetables from the pan and deglaze with a splash of Gooseberry - return the vegetables to the pan, agitate to coat and serve with roast lamb or chicken.

Excellent on a salad with roast chicken, cashew nuts, sesame, mustard cress and fresh gooseberries...

Add magical pops of flavour to a special occasion starter-salad of smoked-fish, -chicken, -duck or -cheese: make cubes of slightly salted passionfruit jelly (use AgarAgar and canned passionfruit) - just before serving, drizzle them with Gooseberry reduction. Add a splash of Gooseberry on the other ingredients.

Great with a melon salad. Tip: when preparing the melon, toss a tiny pinch of salt into the air over the melon and sprinkle with very finely chopped fresh mint (just a touch: 3 large leaves are enough for 1 melon). Plate onto a platter of fresh salad leaves (baby spinach and some mustard cress), add fresh gooseberries, Serrano Ham or white cheese. Serve with sourdough bread. For variation, use mango instead of gooseberries and fresh basil instead of mint.

Nice to know: Turqle Trading volunteers 25% of its management time to work on Fair Trade projects.

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