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Chutney Promo - Carrot & Spice PLUS Raisin & Ginger

Chutney Promo - Carrot & Spice PLUS Raisin & Ginger

R 60.00

Chutneys, made exactly the way you want it: all fruit, all vegetables, all spices and absolutely no fillers, no artificial anything, no palm oil, no animal products, no flavourants or colourants and no added sugar.

PS: The only 'meanie' you might find listed on the ingredients, is sulphur dioxide that is used in small amounts on some of the dried fruits. During the washing and cooking and stirring and bottling, almost all the sulphur dioxide escapes and the only little bit that is left in the jar, is w-a-y lower than the level where we are required to declare it - but just in case - we thought we'd better mention it anyway. We know some people are super-sensitive.

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