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Sprinkle Salt - Plain Khoisan Natural Salt - Cape Treasures

Sprinkle Salt - Plain Khoisan Natural Salt - Cape Treasures

R 30.00

Natural sea salt crystals: harvested by hand, dried by the sun and wind - its pure sea salt with all its natural sea minerals - nothing more. This is salt the way nature intended.

Khoisan Natural Salt crystals taste a lot saltier than conventional table salt - use sparingly - a little goes a long, long way... and that is good news too.

A pinch of salt makes sweet things taste sweeter - particularly melons, apples, pears and peaches. It also does wonderful things with sweet buttery flavours: think salted caramel and butterscotch... Big surprise: it also makes bitter things taste less bitter - it really boosts the flavour of chocolate and coffee in desserts and it makes sour things taste less acidy, but somehow tastier - think pickles!

You need a pinch of salt: for your food, for your health - it makes sense to choose the very best: its local, its natural, its fairly traded and free from micro-plastics.

Nice to know: Turqle Trading volunteers 25% of its management time to work on Fair Trade projects.

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