Turqle Brands: a delicious FOOD story...
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Meet the TASTE MAKERS: the cheerleaders of flavour, the booster rockets for salads and the powerful 'finishers' of sauces...

Think SMOKED OLIVE OIL and its faithful sidekick: SMOKED SEASONING - gives a bowl of pasta shivers of delight. Awesome on salads too. (PS: BEST, best sellers!)

INFUSED VINEGAR REDUCTIONS - enchanters of salads, 'finishers' of sauces.

MUSTARDS - Cape style semi-grain (read crushed grain!) - what can we say? They have fans who have been buying them for 25 years.

GINGER RELISH - An edge of spice and a spike of lemon - not quite ginger jam, but almost.

RED ONION RELISH - ooh, the delightful syrupy delishiousness!

CURRY PASTES - who would have thought - a real Cape Fish Curry in 15 minutes...

CHUTNEYS - All real stuff (no added sugar!) - LOVED by braaibroodjies everywhere!