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The Savoury - Simply Superior Sea Salt - 500g

The Savoury - Simply Superior Sea Salt - 500g

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Imagine the taste of an ice cold drop of sea spray from the Atlantic ocean... vibrant, clean and as close to the taste of 'transparent' as it gets!
This is Summer Salt - created by the sun and wind, hand harvested and packed by real people who take care to handle the crystals as little as possible (so they stay beautiful).
The Savoury is 'healthy salt', made on the pristine West Coast of South Africa, from brine that filtered through prehistoric shell beds into a marine aquifer that is ancient, even in geological time...  The harvesters add nothing and it is guaranteed free from micro plastics and loaded with natural marine minerals (from all that filtering through the shell beds). 
... and we know you expect more...
The Savoury is a good 'people story' - the harvesting community benefit from school fees for their children and adult education programs.
Turqle Trading - the brand guardians of The Savoury, are members of WFTO and that means we are accountable to a global community of fair traders who regularly monitor our 'people, planet and trading' practices.
The Savoury is earth friendly too - we consider the environment every step of the way... and when you've enjoyed every last crystal, put the inner baggie into your composting (it is made of PLA cornstarch) and the box into cardboard recycling.
This is the taste of the essence of salt - you'll only need a little pinch of such perfection...

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