Turqle Brands: a delicious FOOD story...
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Turqle Brands is a good food story...

You know how wonderful it is when you get the flavour of a dish just right; that moment of perfection when you have the right balance, the right intensity and all the time and energy has been worth it...

It takes a lot of skill (which you undoubtedly have!) and the right ingredients, but lets face it, often you just don't have time to shop for all the bits and get into serious flavour building.

The test of a sauce (or spice, or condiment), is how much flavour there is in the dish once the meat and veggies have been added; once the salad has been tossed and everyone sits down to enjoy the meal. Does the sauce dominate? Does it become the enthusiastic supporting cast  -  allowing the food to be the hero of the dish? Does the flavour of the condiment disappear completely?

That is why we've put in the development time: built flavour structures with robust foundations, accents and counterpoints. What does this really mean?

For the sauces, it means we develop the flavour from real, fresh vegetables - sweet potatoes, carrots, peppers, onions and garlic; so when it is used in a dish, it immediately becomes part of the dish... Flavour as good as if it was cooked in right from the start.

Blending spices is part art, part craft, part luck and part magic: There is the main theme (which is often fairly obvious) - but the real test is the choice of the 'praise singers'... Clever blends have accents that will spike little pops of salt, or sweet or acid or herb - adding fascinating flavour nuances.

In short, we have put in the 'flavour work' - the kitchen time - for you and that is why we have so many devoted fans! 

Whether you're new to the wonderful world of food and flavour, or an old hand who knows a thing or two, there's delightful discoveries to be made: go and have a look in the shop - it will be delicious!

Turqle Brands is a tale of two brands - Cape Treasures and Ukuva iAfrica.

Cape Treasures is the "Taste of the Cape" - for those who enjoy everyday fine dining - it really does make good food wonderful.
Ukuva iAfrica is the "Taste of Africa": BIG flavours - mesmerisingly complex - often hot - robust and delicious. Its a travellers' tale told in flavours.

This 'shop' is for our South African fans.

Turqle has been exporting the "Taste of the Cape" and the "Taste of Africa" for almost 20 years...  Enquiries from elsewhere in the universe - drop us a line, we'll find an outlet near you.

Orders over R250 (ex VAT) ships FREE anywhere in South Africa

Explore the shop, place your orders - if you're in the Tableview area, you can collect from the office and most Fridays we have deliveries going into the city...

Otherwise, from Carnavon to Calvinia, Koekenaap (ok - that takes a day or two longer!), Durban and Rawsonville - we have ways and means of getting it there... and if you're not 100% satisfied, we'll gladly exchange or refund (your choice).

Turqle Trading has a really good Fair Trade story - read more on the About Us page...

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