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Curry Paste RED - by Cape Treasures

Curry Paste RED - by Cape Treasures

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A medium heat, red curry paste in the Cape Malay flavour tradition.

It means tremendous depth of spicy (not hot) delight and layer, upon layer of curry flavour: Imagine coriander, star anise, fennel, cumin, cinnamon, clove, ginger, fenugreek, curry leaves and chili...

Red Cape Curry paste is a little more robust than Yellow Cape Curry paste. It makes a great fish curry, it works well with Paneer (or tofu) and lamb or beef.

It means the cook with little time to spend, can make a dish that is virtually impossible to get wrong - and best of all, it tastes as if it took many hours to prepare.

Blending spice is an art - and a craft and it takes skill and time and practice and loads of ingredients in just the right proportions. Our Cape Treasures Cape Curry pastes are ready to use - no guesswork - makes it easy to get it right every single time...

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