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Cape Treasures Seasoning Tubs: POULTRY Seasoning

Turqle Brands

Cape Treasures Seasoning Tubs: POULTRY Seasoning

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All the flavours poultry loves, with ginger, mustard and sage to balance the rich skin flavours, a touch of sugar to carry and expand the onion and sage and help the browning with a touch of turmeric.

Sprinkle over the bird (be generous - poultry skin is notoriously resistant to flavouring) - allow to rest for 15 minutes - and roast or grill : its equally suited to chicken, large turkeys, tiny quails, guinea fowl and duck. Make a gravy from the pan-juices - if necessary, add a bit more seasoning - and a squeeze of lemon or a splash of vinegar (the acid makes the other flavours 'pop').

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