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Sauce - "Not tooo Hot" CHAKALAKA - Ukuva iAfrica

Sauce - "Not tooo Hot" CHAKALAKA - Ukuva iAfrica

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Ukuva's Chakalaka was first made as a steakhouse sauce in the 1980's - and it has been charming diners ever since. It is tangy, sweet and spicy (but not hot) - delicious with flame grilled lamb, pork, chicken, corn, burgers or vegetable skewers. It is the taste kids (of all ages) LOVE.

Add to cream cheese as a topping for oven roasted potato wedges - garnish with crispy onion flakes.

A great dip for corn chips. Spread on cheese and ham sandwiches or add to a vegetable stir-fry... or oven roasted carrots.

Enjoy Chakalaka food bliss: make a flame-grilled beef burger on a toasted sesame bun with tomato, lettuce and slices of pickle (some people spread the bun with a little garlic mayo). Top it with a fried egg, a slice of cheese, bacon, fried onions and a generous helping of Chakalaka!

Nice to know: WFTO guarantees that Turqle Trading (brand guardian of Ukuva) is a fair trade enterprise.

PS: At 2018 Sandringham Cheese Festival and the Christmas markets in Switzerland, Chakalaka was once again KING of the burger sauces!


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