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GIFT Hot Drops Duo - UKUVA Ghost & Peri Peri Ghost

GIFT Hot Drops Duo - UKUVA Ghost & Peri Peri Ghost

R 159.00

A pair of our hottest hotties  - Ghost that stays with you... and Peri Peri Ghost, the 'just hot enough' Peri Peri with everything we LOVE about Peri Peri (sorry, we cannot include the chicken or prawns in the offer!

Make someone's day just a little warmer...

GHOST CHILLI is very, very hot... Those who know chilli, claim it is eight times hotter than a Habanero, which is 100,000 times hotter than a salad pepper.

The 'thing' with Ghost Chilli is that the heat is not immediate - it sneaks up, builds and builds and lingers (like a phantom)... Some people claim they could still feel the tingle a day later.

Hot Drops are table sauces - best added to prepared food just before serving or at the table.

Made to deliver not just burn - but flavour too - Ghost is made to work with protein and fats: It is stunning with grilled steak, burgers, game fish and prawns - and on vegetarian delights like black mushrooms stuffed with quinoa :-)

The fascinating Peri Peri flavours of Lemon and Pepper (with a flash of Ghost), means the flavour lingers - delicious on flame-grilled chicken, game fish and prawns - and of course, hand-rolled Picci with tasty goodies.

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Every year since 2003, Turqle has paid 2,5% of our turnover to the Fair Trade Trust that is used for the education of the workers (and their families) at the factories that make the Ukuva and Cape Treasures products. Isn’t that nice to know?

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Otherwise, shipping (inside SA only) up to 2kg = R99 or, arrange collection in Tableview, Cape Town weekdays between 09:00 and 16:00.

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