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Grinder - Khoisan Seaweed Salt - Ukuva iAfrica

Grinder - Khoisan Seaweed Salt - Ukuva iAfrica

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Seaweed is a natural flavour enhancer - remember that umami thing that amplifies and melds the savoury flavours? It makes things taste better - means you'll want less salt, and that's a good thing.

Salt, coriander seed, black peppercorns, thyme, mustard seed, bayleaf, garlic, onion, seaweed, oregano, cornflowers and chilli combine to create an extraordinary savoury salt. Why the cornflowers? Apart from adding an intriguing 'blue petal' to the mix, its one of nature's magic ingredients: it boosts natural sea flavours.

Use in place of salt as a table condiment.  Add Cape Westcoast flavour to meat, fish, salads, vegetables, rice, pasta, couscous, bulgar wheat - and sauces, dressings, soups, stews and casseroles.... and eggs.

Nice to know: WFTO guarantees that Turqle Trading (brand guardian of Ukuva) is a fair trade enterprise.

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