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The elusive HOLY grail: building deep, delicious flavour every time...

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Friends often ask what they need to do to 'build' flavour.

The secret is to construct the dish so that there is a dominant flavour - and a supporting cast. In truth - this is the mistake most people make - too many flavours on the same level just causes a muddle.

BUT every dish needs a solid flavour base - there is a reason why the French start everything with mirepoix (2 parts onion, 1 part carrot, 1 part celery - chopped and sweated in olive oil over a moderate heat).

However, if you're using an Ukuva Sauce, your sauce is fully developed - it has more than enough depth to support the meat and veggies in the dish!

Develop the dominant flavour by adding it in two or three ways: for example chilli & garlic: use some fresh - lightly fry in at the start of the cooking process - add a little dried chilli while cooking and just before serving, finish with a choice chilli sauce. Make sure the chilli sauce echoes at least one of the supporting flavours (like red pepper or basil) - a sure fire winner.

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