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Chickpeas and Nuts and Seeds - crispy, roasted snack/sprinkle with Grill Seasoning

Rain Morgan Cape Treasures Cape Treasures Seasoning Tubs Chickpeas Grill Seasoning Nuts Sprinkle for Salad Sprinkle for Soup vegan vegetarian

This is one of those quick and easy extras to make while you're doing other stuff in your oven anyway.
Vege-farians love it - adds interest and nutrition to soups or salads.
The main 'must-have' ingredients are the Chickpeas and the Grill Seasoning - but after that you can replace/substitute any nuts and seeds - in any proportion you want.
We find it helps to use a much bigger baking tray than you think - choose the largest one you can fit into the oven. The more you can spread out your chickpeas, the quicker they'll crisp.
In our kitchen there are 3 serious cooks - one lines the tray with baking paper - the other prefers a commercial grill mat and the other roasts the chick-peas naked in the pan. Frankly - it does not seem to make a difference - the secret is in not crowding the chickpeas.
People - obviously those who have never made the recipe - ask how long it will keep. We're guessing here - but IF you keep it on the shelf (not it the fridge) in an airtight container lined with kitchen paper - it will probably be ok for two or three days... But in our kitchen it has never survived that long - it gets snacked up way before the end of day one!

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