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Best, Best BURGERS ever (with Ukuva's Chakalaka of course!)

Rain Morgan Burger Basics Burger Topping Onion Melt Relish

Best, best burgers sequenceHome made, flame grilled BURGERS are still top of the favourite foods of eternally hungry tweenies, or for an informal braai with friends... and the secret of the BEST burger is in the patty (and after that - in the sauce!)

This recipe makes 6 SUPER generous patties.

850g Beef Mince - needs to have some fat (choose lean, not extra lean), coarsely minced meat.
1 Onion (med/small + 40mm dia) super-finely chopped (or in the food processor)
1 cup fresh Breadcrumbs
30ml ground Ukuva Braai Salt
15-30ml Vegetable Oil (depends how fatty the meat is)

Note: Melted Onion is an essential topping (see previous blog) - make this first - it needs time to cook down.

Mix the chopped onion, spices, breadcrumbs and oil and knead in the mince. It is important to knead this mixture well - take your time - do it properly - the bread and the mince needs to be well mixed, otherwise the patties will crack.

Divide the mixture into 6 more or less equal sized balls and form the patties. Make the sides of the patties as straight as possible, and the tops as flat as possible: ensures even cooking!

While the patties are resting and the grill is warming up (these can be made on a gas braai - but a real fire is always the tastiest!), slice the buns in half, brush the cut sides with a little olive oil and toast them in a griddle pan (or if the braai-master will allow bread near the meat grill - toast them on the grill).

Prepare the 'extras' - lettuce, slices of tomato, sliced cheese, strips of fried bacon, gerkins, and grilled pineapple rings (apologies to the purists - I know this borders on heresy - but I am told by kids that kids LOVE pineapple on their Chakalaka burgers!).

Just before the patties go on the fire, brush them lightly with a little oil. Cook to medium rare and transfer them to a warmed (not hot!) dish with a lid to rest for a few minutes.

Dress the toasted buns with all the extras according to taste and finally, top with a burger patty, a scoop of melted onions and a generous splash of Chakalaka. Enjoy!

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