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Onion Melt Topping for Burgers

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Onion Melt Sequence

A burger is not a burger without MELTED ONION topping.

This recipe cannot be rushed - it needs stove time and gentle heat to mature properly. If you're working against the clock, start the onion sauce before you start on the burgers - it can melt away on the side while you make the burgers.

Sweet white onions make a deliciously gentle onion melt, while brown or red onions are slightly more robust, and will make a stronger tasting melt.

Allow 1 medium sized onion per person.

Slice the onions finely - tip - cut the onions in half lengthwise before you slice (this will give you half-rings) - easier to eat and serve.

Choose a non-stick pan with a lid and working over a medium heat, add a small splash of peanut oil (or any other neutral vegetable oil) and a generous pat of butter (aim for a 15mm cube per onion) and add the sliced onions. Put the lid on the pan and reduce the temperature to low. Let the onions slowly sweat for 20-30 minutes, stirring once or twice. Gradually increase the heat and - over the next 10 minutes or so - gently caramelise the onions.

Season to taste, serve and ENJOY :-)


- Add 1 clove of GARLIC for every 2 onions.
- Sweat onions with a few bits of STAR ANISE - amazing with pork bangers.
- Add 1tsp of MUSTARD seeds per 2 onions.
- If the caramel is too sweet, add red wine vinegar - half a teaspoon at a time and a pinch of salt.

PS: See the following blog for the simplest recipe to make the best, best burgers...


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